Celebrating the Traditions of
Jazz & Indian Classical Music

Redefining perspectives of sound and rediscovering new musical possibilities through original and exciting compositions.

Presenting a Wild Blend of Ragas, Jazz Harmony, Groovy Rhythms & A Journey of Modern Interpretations.

Singapore’s Premier Indian Classical & Jazz Quintet; RaghaJazz; made its official debut in 2009 for Asian Vibes, a festival held in the Esplanade, Singapore.


Words of Appreciation

“On My way back to the hotel, I Happened to see this cosy jazz concert. I was so impressed by the sound. Its the best music in Singapore Night…”

“RaghaJazz Live at Murfest…It just gets better and better as the night progresses…”

“The group’s compositions combine Indian classical music elements with jazz and creates music that is inextricably tied…”

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Music brings us together in celebration

Music is an inspiring and fascinating celebration of social justice, breaking down the barriers between those of faith, and no faith – it is not only fun – it lifts the hearts of all of us who believe in a better world and gives us hope for tomorrow.


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