Redefining Global Music Sounds of Indian Classical Music and Electro-Jazz Fusion Innovation

Elevate Your Mind, Body and Soul to the Immersive Sounds of RaghaJazz.

About RaghaJazz: A Musical Story

Singapore’s Premier Indian Classical & Jazz Quintet, RaghaJazz, made its official debut in 2009 for Asian Vibes, a festival held in the Esplanade, Singapore.

RaghaJazz has always been working towards Musical Innovations in Global Music, redefining perspectives of sound through experiments and rediscovering new musical possibilities through original and exciting compositions.

Today, our music is nothing short of an Immersive Sound, Wild Blend of Ragas, Jazz Harmony and Groovy Rhythms that elevate the mind, body and soul.

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Here's What The Press Say About Us...

"Homegrown jazz fusion band RaghaJazz has been making waves in the Singapore music scene for their modern take on classical Indian music infused with jazz and funk influences."
"Raghajazz showed off their unique blend of music and also succeeded in getting the crowd to sing along in a sea of hippie love and peace."
"RAGHAJAZZ is a unique combination of funky grooves, emotive stories, psychedelic bass lines and intricate tabla work."

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