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The Magic of “Lyrical Poetry”: Singapore Writer’s Festival 2017

Singapore writers festival


A Concert for the opening of Singapore Writer’s Festival 2017 at the Singapore Arts House on Nov 4th 2017, Ragha presented newly composed music for Singaporean Poets and Classical Poets of the Indian Literature with his band RaghaJazz.

The music featured a mixture of Carnatic (south-Indian classical), Hindustani (North Indian Classical), Pop and Jazz Element which is the element of the band RaghaJazz; the styles of music Ragha as a Musician has been traditionally schooled, trained and grown up with.

Watch the Remake of a RaghaJazz original “Freedom Principles”

For the poem of Bharathithaasan a classical poet of India.

The Singapore Writer’s Festival is an event celebrating the literary works of Singaporeans, Organised and produced by the National Arts Council of Singapore.

For this years theme, the Tamil word “Aram”, meaning “defining principles or good values”, was used to capture the festival’s preceding events and showcases.

Ragha composed original musical arrangements to 6 literature works together with his band mates from RaghaJazz, namely Suthashini (Vasantham Star) on Vocals, Joel Chua on Keyboard, Vick Low on Cello, Kim on Violin and of course Ragha on the Indian Classical Flute (Bansuri).

The Performance was well received and brought audiences to a sing along of the 1000 year old traditional Tamil proverb “Aram Seiya Virumbu” meaning “Love to do Good” which is believed to be written by a sage called Awvaiyaar.

The Team Tamil Murasu (Prime Tamil News Paper of Singapore) played a huge role of promoting and co-organising this event along with Vasantham Channel (Tamil news: Tamil Seithi). The Conceptualisation of the event into a concert performance to attract a new breathe of enthusiasm to the youths and adults of Singapore to Tamil Literature and Language was indeed a noble cause and encouraging one.

Watch the Whole Concert here.

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